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Ff9 disk 1 iso

Give it a try man, I Guarantee that you wont be dissapointed!
All said, FF9 has a very enjoyable story, a wide variety of characters, and the cartoonish style of the characters' bodies helps break the tension when it gets too thick.
Personally This is the Final Fantasy that I enjoyd the most on the Playstation.
If you haven't played any Final Fantasy, this is a good start.By this I mean dark knight extras games that there are various plot elements and mechanics that veterans of the series will recognize as a nod to the NES and Playstation "Origins" of this series.My FF9 disc one has a scratch or something on it because when i get to a certain ATE.Tobias Hayes rates this game: 4/5.

The story itself isn't entirely new, but there are some aspects of originality to it, and while the battle system may seem familiar to anyone who's played a pre-ffxi Final Fantasy, there are some interesting and fun ways to customize and power up your characters.
Actions are chosen from menus and carried out in real time, unless another action is already taking place, and players control up to 4 characters at a time.
The game is beautifully done, with graphics that rival that of early Playstation 2 titles, and some of the best music in the series (I still get chills every time I hear Freya's theme).This installment of the Final Fantasy series puts you in the role of Zidane Tribal, a thief whose mission is to kidnap the Princess of Alexandria, Garnet.Sound.5/5 The sounds and music, while critized by some as being bland and boring, I would disagree and say the game has an amazing score.Things take a turn when her mother retaliates, and things are further complicated when her minions are on the chase.GuyInDogSuit rates this game: 5/5, first, I want to point out that this game was a love letter to the first Final Fantasy.It pays tribute to the Final Fantasy series a whole.All in all, I highly recommend this game.While the previous three Final Fantasies allowed codec 2.5.1.exe (7.24 mb) anyone to summon, IX only has two summoners, as it's crucial to the plot.Alright, down to the good stuff!The battle system resembles that of FF 7 with the "Trance" system which is remotely the same as the "limit break" from.But to some who got the point of this game it was some of the best things about.Danny5357 rates this game: 4/5, final Fantasy 9 is a turn-based RPG using the Active Time Battle system, where characters are able to act when their respective action gauges fill.