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Redfern and hunter on international arbitration alan redfern.pdf

redfern and hunter on international arbitration alan redfern.pdf

9 The extremely cautious wording of the uncitral seems to be related to the ad-hoc nature of the arbitrations that are meant to be ruled by this regulation.
Drafting Arbitration Clauses for EC Merger Control.
As for the defendant company in an appraisal action, it is even harder to imagine a corporation today that would seek simple interest on the funds it holds.
App.) (Can.) (stating that although the Court of Justice Act did prohibit compound interest, power to award compound interest arose from courts equitable jurisdiction and was therefore payable by right other than 128 of the Act Bank.Federal courts, however, have generally held that district judges have broad discretion in deciding whether to award compensatory interest.21, 1988 (Bombay.C.The court reasoned that it was appropriate to award such interest if the evidence established and proved a quantifiable loss and if the damage could reasonably have been in the contemplation of both parties when they made the contract.(2) The obligor is responsible for reparation for damages that have arisen through special circumstances, only if he had foreseen or could have foreseen such circumstances.).At 192 "ng Whiteman, supra note 4, at 1981, 1990).

P-22.2 5(1) (1985) (Can.) (The court shall award interest on a judgment for damages or for the recovery of a debt calculated in accordance with this Act.
Arbitration clauses for international contracts.
219 Finally, a few countries expressly allow arbitral tribunals to award compound interest.192 See Le Beau.But see ROC Civ.The plaintiff argued that the use of the phrase "may be resolved by final and binding arbitration" clearly made the arbitration optional and not mandatory; therefore, the parties could resolve the dispute in court.1986) (Daily compounding of prejudgment interest on a damages award for patent infringement will conform to commercial practice and provide the patent holder with adequate compensation for foregone royalty payments.65 Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Rate of Interest) (No.3678 (2001 available at lexis, Admiralty; Asia.151 See Renusagar Power., (1993) Supp.154 Mexicos Commercial Code governs interest for the late payment of debt.1982 s ee also Ingersoll Milling Mach.On the basis of the criteria adopted iceni infix pdf editor v5.13 professional edition torrent by the court on numerous occasions, the obligation to pay interest arises on the date of this judgment, inasmuch as it establishes the obligation to make good the damage.Tribunal Decisions Tribunals typically use one of three methods to resolve claims for interest.Finally, the First Options of Chicago Inc.