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Easy bittorrent client v2.9.3

QBittorrent. changelog: bugfix: client Fix priority up/down for multiple torrents at the bittorrent same time (closes #692184) bugfix: Make sure the number of torrents is properly set on startup (closes #694135) bugfix: Fix scan client directories saving (closes #694768) bugfix: Remove empty folders on torrent.
(sledgehammer999) other: Sync translations from Transifex.Close #5545 (Daniel Segesdi) easy bugfix: Avoid spawning a new explorer.PS: Ubuntu and OS X builds will be available in a few hours.Check the.0.0 changelog for the macOS specific new features.(sledgehammer999) windows: Can now correctly client detect 64bit and 32bit python client installations on 64bit Windows.(sledgehammer999) feature: Allow to clear the UI lock password.Please visit our download page to grab and install qBittorrent on Windows.Wednesday October 22nd 2014 - qBittorrent.1.11 release qBittorrent.1.11 was released.Webui: Fix translatable strings (Chocobo1 webui: Correctly handle ' sign in x-www-form-urlencoded data.Webui: Display warning when Javascript is disabled (Chocobo1).(Chocobo1, glassez) feature: Add an option to allow the use of proxies only for torrents.Closes #1602 (ngosang) webui: Fix an error in Content tab bittorrent when the torrent doesn't client have metadata (ngosang) webui: New option Web UI port upnp. Very minor release to fix a possibly annoying problem.
It brings some more polishing to the UI as well as a few minor fixes.

Bugfix: Temporary subfolder wasn't being deleted.(sledgehammer999) bugfix: Fix resizing driver bug in "add torrent dialog".Read this reddit post for more info.X-Forwarded-Host is a foreign proxy setting, it isn't the same as qbt's local setting and thus it makes no sense to verify.QBittorrent. changelog: feature: Official support for Win32 platform feature: Better integration with Mac OS bugfix: Fix torrent availability computation (closes #587337) bugfix: Disable torrent addition dialog as a default bugfix: Fix Web driver UI authentication with Opera Browser bugfix: Fix Javascript error.(buinsky) webui: Add 'Added on' column in Webui.(sledgehammer999) feature: Add 'Completed' column.Broken by commit 259b5e51c49b744.Closes #4707 (ngosang) webui: Fix JavaScript tutorials exception on WebUI load (buinsky) driver webui: Fix translation (buinsky) webui: Submit the label in the new label dialog on pressing enter key (buinsky) webui: Check WebUI username and password length.We didn't discover any evidence of unauthorized entry.(sledgehammer999) hack bugfix: Update ISO 3166 country codes.(sledgehammer999) bugfix: Fix GUI for proxy settings.Bugfix: wont Don't query Google for tracker favicons, for privacy reasons (sledgehammer999).QBittorrent.1.5 should be able to work if you compile it with.8.(Sébastien Lavoie) other: Sync translations from Transifex. This fixes the absence of VPN tunnel interfaces under Windows and works around the qtbug-32349.