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Gta san andreas stunt plane cheat code

CJ will do a massive bunny hop BMX backflip.
Walk on air Note: If you have done all the missions in San Fierro this will not work.
Easily complete fire truck missions Bring a fire truck from another location into Angel Pine, then press R3 to start the mission.Mission Instead of burning the weed with the flamethrower, use the rocket launcher and shoot the crops; it will destroy them much easier.Park the car directly over where the tree once stood.The Bulldozer will fling around, pulling the tow truck with.Alternately, look for the burger shop in the Juniper Hollow area in the north part of San Fierro, west of the church.Bring the four crates that area in the back of the warehouse to the front and place them closer to the warehouse door opening, on either side.They will have 9mms and nightsticks, although they will not use their nightsticks.

Finding your car after getting busted If you been arrested, go down to the police parking lot.
Wrong Side Of The Tracks mission Once at the station, do not get on the dirt bike.
Try going to any parking lot and shooting cars.Banshee Go to Las Ventura and look on The Strip to find the Banshee.Skydive longer Enable the "Cars fly away" code.Once you get on land, get a vehicle as soon as possible.Prostitutes Pay YOU Complete the pimp missions.Once there, you can practice your dance by pressing the corresponding buttons (X, Circle, Triangle, and Square) as shown on the screen).Lock arihant books for ctet pdf on to someone (any pedestrian or even rival gang members) and press Up on the D-pad to recruit them.Go to any beach area.Business references in Los Santos In the "Sunset Strip" area,you can see a train car parked off the street (near the hill that you drive up to get to Mad Dog's mansion).Once he does, go inside and go straight.Then, go to the next car.